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Caving is an all year roumd activity in Northern Norway. Just as perfect in winter time as summer. May be even better in winter time because Nordland has so many other great outdoor adventures in summer than going under the under the surface. 

Where are the caves in Nordland?
Due to the geology (you will only find the caves in marble bedrock areas) you find caves in several areas in Nordland. From Bodo as a natural starting point we will head 1 or 2 hours east.

How much time do we need for a caving tour in Northern Norway?
For a day-trip from Bodo you will need between 5 and 8 hours including transport. 

How many people could join this trip?
Maximum size of a group for a guided caving tour is about 40. Large groups will be divided into smaller groups each with one guide. Most of our trips to the caves are smaller groups.

Caving; fitness level
Moderate fitness and agility is required. Involves some steady uphill walking for up to 1 hour to reach the caves. The degree of difficulty and the precise route is carefully chosen to fulfill the desires and physique of the group itself.

Children are welcome too - and they just love it! Reccomended minimum age for children is 8 years.

Please bring
Bring your own personal clothing for an outdoor trip due to the weather conditions. A day pack is useful and a drink and snacks are nice to have. Be sure to bring your camera and lots of film. 

We will provide you with all necessary caving equipment including coverall, helmet, harness, lights etz.

Our guides and languages
We only use experienced guides for the cave tours. All our guides speaks quite good english.

How to travel to the caves?
Transportion is not included in the price, but we will be glad to help you with planning that. Groups up to 4 people could join our car from Bodo. 

Is this trip dependent on weather conditions?
No, a caving trip, even in NorthernNorway is not dependent on the weather, that is one of the best things with caving.

NOK 800 pp. Minimum NOK 4000 for a trip.
Please check
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Caving in Northern Norway


Nordland is the area in Scandinavia with the best possibilities to do caving. From Bodo you find caves both for beginners and if you are looking for a more thrilling experience. Best of all; no matter what weather or season! 

If you want to join a guided adventure underground trip, we offer caving adventure  including both walking, crawling and abseiling. Caving is a year-round adventure for both novice and experienced cavers.

No prior caving experience is required for these trips; however, participants should be reasonably fit. Anyone with some hiking experience will do fine. 

From beautiful limestone formations to deep caving systems, Nordland has underground adventures for all interests.

Half and full day trips to a variety of caves with transport from Bodo available. This is The Underground Scenic Wonderland in Northern Norway!

Caves are dark, mysterious and challenging. Most of the caves in Norway are "wild" caves and have not been developed in any way. They are the same temperature (above freezing) all year round, and feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Published by Ivar Sandland 13.02.2007

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