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Active Holiday, guided trips, and vacation in Northern Norway

Nordland Adventures
in the city of Bodo offers guided trips and active holiday in Northern Norway

Glacier Hiking, Svartisen, Northern Norway Moose Safari, Bod°, Northern Norway Caving, Fauske, Northern Norway Mountaineering, Stetind, Northern Norway
Glacier hiking Moose-safari Caving in Norway Stetind
Rock Climbing, Bod°, Northern Norwa Canoeing, Bod°, Northern Norway Mountaineering, Northern Norway Deep Sea Rafting, Saltstraumen, Bod°
Rock climbing Canoeing Mountaineering Deep sea rafting
Abseiling, climbing, Northern Norway Guided trip, Northern Norway
Rappelling Hiking in Norway

We are located in the city of Bodo above the Arctic Circle; a perfect base for your adventure travel or active holiday in Scandinavia and Northern Norway. Our mission is to guide you to wilderness highlights off the beaten track.

Adventure Holidays in Northern Norway
Nordland Adventures offer outdoor adventure holidays and outdoor activities for adventure-minded people of all ages. We probably know this part of Northern Norway better than anyone.

Let us take you, your family or group on an escorted adventure trip and show you the very best of Northern Norway. People of all ages, interests or physical capabilities can join our trips. 

As a small, yet good tour operator in Northern Norway our speciality is active holiday adventures for small groups. We will truly enjoy sharing the experience of the natural scenery in Northern Norway  with you.

Our best suggestions for what to do in Nordland; is a moose safari near Bodo, glacier hiking at Svartisen or caving in the eastern parts of Nordland, canoeing, and easy rock-climbing for families.

When you travel to North Norway in the winter; you should try dog sledding. Winter up here really is an experience to remember; the best months of winter is from february to april.

For those who really want a thrilling mountain experience;  join us for a quite strenuous trip to Stetind one of the most famous mountains in Norway. 

We will be glad to help you with advices and tips for what to do and see in Nordland and Northern Norway. Our strength is to give you the possibility to enjoy some outdoor adventure experiences in Nordland suited to you, your family or your group. If we can not help you to realize your wishes; here are some of our best tips.

Travel to Northern Norway and Nordland ?

Nordland is a part of Northern Norway that is closely associated with the Arctic Circle region's wilderness and the alpine mountains raising from the coastline. 

Nordland offers the worldĺs most beautiful coastline and a taste of the Arctic. North Norwegians are renowned for their openness and generosity, and are always ready to tell you what it is like to live so far north.

A travel to North Norway is a journey through the wonders of nature. You will be captivated by bright nights and the Midnight Sun in the summer, or the Dark Season and Northern Lights in the winter.

You will see the electrifying Saltstraumen, the world's strongest maelstrom; and the Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier - and nowhere else in Scandinavia you will find so many caves.

Along this wonderful coastline of Nordland, you can also move within close proximity of the unique animal and bird life, a truly memorable experience including majestic sea eagles, mighty whales, playful seals and caring eider ducks.

For more useful information about where to travel, activities, what to experience and do in Nordland, we do reccomend The Nordland Tourist Board.  

Walking Holidays in Northern Norway
North Norway has a huge range of possibilities for walking, both along the coast out in the archipelago (!) or in the mountain areas.

  • If you want a self-guided trip, our best tip is DNT; The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association, please also see the local association BOT; The Bod° Regional Hiking Association. BOT has marked a wide range of trails in varying terrain in Nordland and the area near Bodo. The terrain is ideal for walking, you will find routes suitable even for families with young children. All the main routes are marked with a red "T". 

  • If you want a guided trip in Northern Norway; please give us a call ! Our best suggestion is to make one or more day trips from Bodo, the scenic surroundings to this town is just made for day trips.

National Parks in Norway and Nordland
Norway has today 31 National Parks, 25 on the mainland and 6 on Svalbard. The National Parks in Norway offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences. The natural surroundings are beautiful and varied. Nordland has so far 5 National Parks. Read about National Parks in Norway and the National Parks in Nordland.

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